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Match Information/Rules, Fixtures & Book Ins

Information & Rules

All OAC home matches are currently £7 for the main pools & £2 for the winner takes all. All pools are optional.

 All matches are on a first book in, first fish basis. If you are not booked in, you may not be able to fish.
 If you have booked in for any match, and you cannot attend, please let the Match Secretary know asap, as there may be other members on a waiting list, and some matches may have limited spaces.
 No floating baits.
No pre-baiting prior to the start of any match.
  During a match on OAC waters where applicable, at least 2 keepnets must be used at all times, one for silverfish, one for carp. No more than approximately 50lb of fish per keepnet, if you think you have approximately 50lb in your carp, or silverfish keepnet (sometimes this can happen), a third keepnet will need to be used. This rule will also help ensure fish safety.
 Please make sure you also read through your membership book for all other club & match rules.
 Some matches may be cancelled/venue changed at short notice.
 To book in for any OAC matches please email: [email protected] or text 07544804263.
Fixtures & Book Ins
Sunday 6th,    Rookery,    Silverfish Only,    Draw 9am,    Fish 10am-3pm (5hrs)
Booked in: Charlie Gaudion, Scott Cross, Mike Simpson, Brian Wickens, Nick Brickwood,  George Brickwood. 
Sunday 20th,    Kingsley,    Fur & Feather,    Draw 9am,    Fish 10am-3pm (5hrs)
(20 spaces only due to distancing rules, only 3 spaces remaining)
Booked in: Charlie Gaudion, Scott Cross, Keith Wickens, Brian Wickens, Keiron Wickens, Steve Williams, Dave Ware, Nick Brickwood, George Brickwood, Jason Mcmillan, Clive Richards, Mike Simpson, Derek Brammer, John Doel, Chris Fox, Steve Smith, Barry Payne. 
Sunday 17th,    Kingsley,    Club Match,    Draw 8.30am,    Fish 9.15am-2.15pm (5hrs)
Booked in:
Sunday 31st,    Rookery,    Silverfish Only,    Draw 8.30am,    Fish 9.15am-2.15pm (5hrs)
Booked in:
Sunday 14th,    Kingsley,    Club Match,    Draw 8am,    Fish 9am-2pm (5hrs)
Booked in:
Sunday 28th,    Mill Lane,    Club Match,    Draw 8am,    Fish 9am-2pm (5hrs)
Booked in:
Sunday 21st,    Rookery,    Silverfish Only,    Draw 8am,    Fish 9am-2pm (5hrs)
Booked in:
Match Results
Sunday 3rd August, Rookery, Carp & Rod Only Match, Top 3
1st:  Roy Davis 15lb 10oz
2nd: Darren Bryant 13lb 120z
3rd: Charlie Gaudion 13lb 6oz
 Sunday 16th August, RNLI Match Result, Kingsley, Top 3
1st: Dave Ware 26lb 3oz
2nd: Scott Cross 14lb 6oz
3rd: Darren Bryant 14lb 4oz
 Sunday 30th August, Club Match, Mill Lane, Top 3
1st: Nick Brickwood 26lb 12oz
2nd: Charlie Gaudion 6lb 0oz
3rd: Clive Richards 4lb 2oz