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Match87Information & Rules 2022/2023 Season

If you are booked in for any match, and you cannot attend, please let the Match Organiser know at least 24 hours before match day, as there may be other anglers on a waiting list, as matches have limited spaces

No floating baits                    No pre-baiting prior to the start of any match

During OAC matches 2 keepnets must be used at all times, one for silverfish and one for carp. No more than approximately 60lb of fish per keepnet, if you think you have approximately 60lb in your carp, or silverfish keepnet (sometimes this can happen), a third keepnet will need to be used. Net limits may be different at away venues, you will be notified of this.
To book in for any OAC match, or for any more information, please email: [email protected] or text/call 07752032745