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87Match Information/Rules, Fixtures & Book Ins

Information & Rules for the 2021/2022 Season

If you have booked in for any match, and you cannot attend, please let the Match Organiser know at least 24 hours before match day, as there may be other anglers on a waiting list, as some matches have limited spaces.

No floating baits.

No pre-baiting prior to the start of any match.

During a match on OAC waters where applicable, at least 2 keepnets must be used at all times, one for silverfish, one for carp. No more than approximately 60lb of fish per keepnet, if you think you have approximately 60lb in your carp, or silverfish keepnet (sometimes this can happen), a third keepnet will need to be used. This rule will also help ensure fish safety.
Please make sure you also read through your membership book for all other club & match rules.
Some matches may be cancelled/venue changed at short notice.
To book in for any OAC match, or for any more information, please email: [email protected] or text/call 07544804263.
 Match Fixtures 2021/2022
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Matchman Series Schedule
Sunday 8th, Kingsley, £10 all in.
Sunday 22nd, Kingsley, £10 all in.
Sunday 12th, Pump Station, Main Pond, £18 all in.
Sunday 26th, Kingsley, £10 all in.
Sunday 10th, Kingsley, £10 all in.
Sunday 24th, Kingsley, £10 all in.
OAC Winter Series 2021/2022
 There will be 2 trophies to be won in this series, 1 for the overall points, and 1 for the overall weight.
A series of 4 matches all to be held at Rookery.
All 4 matches will be Silverfish only.
£10 all in per match, £6 main pools (1st, 2nd, 3rd payout) £2 winner takes all, and £1 for each trophy pot.
Points Trophy
You will recieve 1 point for turning up and fishing, and 1 point for weighing in.
The Top 5 from each match will also receive the following points:
1st: 5 pts      2nd: 4 pts      3rd: 3 pts      4th: 2 pts      5th: 1 pt.
The winner of this trophy will be the angler with the highest points tally.
Overall Weight Trophy
The winner of this trophy will be the angler with the heaviest combined weight over the 4 matches.
All draws to be 9am, and fishing from 10am to 3pm.
Winter Series Schedule
Sunday 14th, Rookery, £10 all in.
Sunday 5th, Rookery, £10 all in.
Sunday 16th, Rookery, £10 all in.
Sunday 20th, Rookery, £10 all in.
Other OAC Fixtures 2021/2022
Both draws to be 9am, and fishing from 10am-3pm.
 Sunday 19th Dec 2021
Fur & Feather (Christmas match)
Kingsley Pond
£10 all in.
 Sunday 2nd Jan 2022
Away match (New year's match)
Baron's small pond (St. Patricks Lane)
£15 all in.