Mill Lane (Bakers Pond)

 Dear Members, please be advised that Mill Lane (Bakers Pond) will be closed next week for weed removal on the following dates:

Monday 17th September, Tuesday 18th September & Wednesday 19 September.

Tight Lines

 OAC Secretary


Kingsley Pond

Due to the current low water level at Kingsley Pond, the use of keepnets are not currently permitted, apart from scheduled OAC club matches.


Crayfish Traps

 A meeting has been held with a Martin Keeping who is going to be trapping crayfish at Mill Lane, Rookery and Kingsley. He will be doing his best to place the traps away from the fishing swims. He will be doing this on Sundays and/or Mondays. If you do get tangled in one of the traps please treat them with respect.



Please note that as part of our lease we can only fish from the numbered swims and nowhere else.


Match News

Matches at Mill Lane (Bakers Pond)

Until all the bank and peg work has been completed, and the water level has risen all matches at Mill Lane (Bakers Pond) will be limited to 12 anglers until further notice.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Matches at Kingsley

Until the water level significantly increases at Kingsley, all matches at Kingsley will be limited to 18 anglers until further notice.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Next Match

Sunday 7th October, Club Match, Mill Lane, D: 8.45am, F: 10am-4pm (6hrs)
(£7 pools, Full)

Currently booked in are: Keith Wickens, Brian Wickens, Keiron Wickens, Clive Richards, George Brickwood, Nick Brickwood, Mike Simpson, Graham Potter, Frank Bevan, Scott Cross, Barry Payne, Dave Ware.