As promised here is the second News letter to keep you all informed of what has been happening at our waters over the last 3 months.  You can see that the Committee and the Bailiffs have been very busy making sure that the Club and Waters are up to a high standard.
Many of you, I am sure, must be wondering about the land for sale surrounding The Rookery. I have had a meeting with the surveyor of Savills who are dealing with the purchase. Tarmac have now purchased all the land that was up for sale and I am pleased to inform you that everything will continue as before.
we need you
If you want to have some say on the day to day running of the fishing club we are looking for a secretary and a treasurer to join the committee.
All you will have to do is come along on the 1st Tuesday in the month Committee Meeting for 1 ½ hours.
The treasurer role involves the finance of the fishing club banking and recording of money coming in and going out and also to come along on the 1st Tuesday in the month Committee  Meeting for 1 ½ hours.
Some of the fish in our ponds are getting very big, especially the Tench and Carp, it is very important  for fish care that you have an UNHOOKING MAT that is up to the job to protect the fish from the ground.  So please use an UNHOOKING MAT THAT IS THICK ENOUGH about 5cm (2inches) thick.
Make sure you also have carp care kit to put on mouth and body sores.
Martin Keeping has started trapping the crayfish at Bakers Pond. Rookery and Kingsley, please take care with the traps when fishing.
This year has seen a lot of work going on at BAKERS POND with 10 days needed to clear the weed from the pond; further work has taken place in reducing the trees around the pond. The leaf drop each year has contributed the volume of silt in the pond.
Finally we have repaired 6 swims that were collapsing due to high water levels in the spring.
We cleared the islands which we were advised to do. With all that has been going on down there it is still fishing very well.
This is an ongoing project as we will need to clear more weed when the lilies have died back, so please bear with us while we get it back to its former glory for both fishing and wildlife. 
1  2  3
                                                                       Before we started                               Weed removed                                  Tree cutting 
There have been 3 swims that have collapsed through erosion, possibly through carp feeding on the sides of lake or crayfish. These swims have now been repaired.
Please always check the swims are safe and if not tell a bailiff or contact the committee.
At the Rookery there are 2 signs on the far bank stating `NO FISHING between these signs’ even for stalking, please adhere to the rules.
NO DOGS are allowed at the Rookery even if they are the best behaved dogs.
Please remember that this is a site of International SSSi and as such Natural England are very keen to keep this water under a watchful eye.
4 years ago we were on a one year lease as they were unhappy with the previous committee’s comments about not supporting.
After a lengthy meeting with them they agreed a 5 year lease, this will soon be coming round again.
They got Hampshire Council to remove all trees that were close to the water and wanted the council to erect wicker mesh barriers across 2 corners. Thankfully this did not happen.
We are restricted to the amount of feed we put in the lake, so please be sensible and DO NOT use more bait than is required, so can we keep it to unlimited maggots and casters, 1 kilo boilies and 1 kilo dry ground bait.
And no pre-baiting please, especially when other anglers are on the bank.
The fishing swims have taken quite a bashing since they were put in 4 years ago. Low water, hot dry summers have seen a few of them now needing repair. We have redone 4 pegs with another 4 to do which we hope to complete this year. This will be ongoing over the next few years.
Please could you all make sure you have put a picture and signed your permit books on the front. The bailiffs are checking your memberships now.
Make sure you READ THE RULE BOOK to make sure you are familiar with the rules, they are in place so everyone can enjoy the sport without upsetting a fellow member. If you are still not receiving emails please let the club know, we would like to keep the cost of paper and postage down.
If you would like to take photos of anything related to fish or anything on our waters please send them in to [email protected]
We would also like to ask if you are taking pictures of fish make sure you are SITTING OR KNEELING DOWN OVER YOUR UNHOOKING MAT, fish safety is paramount, and do not leave them out of the water for very long.
Our bailiffs are working hard on behalf of the club so please support them when they come round to check you permits.
ALL DOGS must be kept on leads at the other ponds and under full control we have had 2 dog incidents where they have bitten people.
  Would you like the club to go through an expensive claim when the money could have been spent elsewhere on our waters?
There is also a ½ way rule; please do not cast in to any other fisherman’s swim.  Only cast ½ way across on any waters.
On all Oakhanger Angling Club waters all members must fish from the numbered pegs. There are now numbered pegs on all our waters.
You are also reminded to take an empty bag with you to pick up all your litter and take it home and dispose of it.
As they say on all waters:
Enjoy your angling……..Leave nothing but footprints!