Match Fixtures

 Pools: £5 pools (1st, 2nd & 3rd payout), £2 super pools (1st payout), all pools are optional. Some pools may be more or less at away venues.
Sunday 31st March, Float Only Match, Kingsley, D: 8.45am, F: 10am-3pm (5hrs)

Float ony match info: The use of pole & waggler floats only are permitted at this match.

Sunday 14th April, Fur & Feather, Silverfish Only Match, Kingsley, D: 8.45am, F: 10am-4pm (6hrs)
 The Fur & Feather match has now been changed from a silverfish only match to all in (all fish count)
Sunday 28th April, Club Match, Mill Lane, D: 8.45am, F: 10am-4pm (6hrs)