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We now have 3 exchange books with Petersfield Angling Club. These books are held at Bordon Angling Centre. 

If you would like to use one of these exchange books, you must take along your OAC book to Bordon Angling Centre, and hand it over to recieve a PDAC book. You will recieve back your OAC book when handing back the PDAC book.

Please make sure you read through the PDAC book and abide by all rules etc.


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Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 21st March 2018

Committee members:

Chairman – John Gamble
Vice Chairman- Steve Williams
Treasurer – Marion Ironman
Secretary – David Martin
Fishery Management – Mike Simpson

Membership Secretary- Kevin Ironman
Match Secretary- None
Head Bailiff – Mick Allen
Publicity- John Gamble

Richard Sykes - Scientific Officer

Stephanie Graysmark - Disabled Liaison Officer
Member - Anthony Atkins




Pete Turner, David & Liam Newland, Colin Black, Peter Manley, and Clive Richards.

Previous Minutes

Minutes from the 2017 AGM were approved and seconded by Andy Muchmore  and Bert Smith.

Matters Arising


Chairmans Report

John welcomed everyone to the meeting, mentioning that this would be his last AGM as Chairman. He said that we had some committee changes during the last year. Stephanie Graysmark had joined as our Disabled Liaison Officer and had already started several initiatives  to help our disabled members.  Anthony Atkins also joined the committee. Keith Wickens had stepped down and John thanked him for all of his work during his time on the committee organising and running matches.

John said that it had been a difficult year with problems at Mill Lane and Kingsley. John thanked Andy Muchmore, Keith Wickens and his family for the  work they had carried out at Mill Lane.

John explained how we had been let down by a company from Cambridge who had quoted £21k to carryout work at Mill lane.  We were very unhappy with the work they did and eventually settled at £3.5k, mainly to cover their employees expenses in living away from home.

However the good news is that we appear to have solved the problems at Mill Lane, the water level is now ok and it is fishing well.  Rumour has it that Mike has recently caught a 5.5lb tench at the water!

Kingsley has suffered from low water levels, caused by a combination of several dry  seasons.  Although we didn't want to, we had to bring in restrictions on matches,  to ensure the fish didn't suffer.  The water level is now ok and matches are starting again on the 8th April.  The water is looking very good after all of the maintenance work we have carried out and hopefully water levels will be maintained throughout  the season.

John mentioned that during his four years as chairman the club had tried very hard to find additional waters but without success.  The potential new waters investigated were:

  • Alice Holt - poor depth
  • Springfield Garden Centre - owner unwilling to give club access
  • Headley Park Hotel - not interested after a lot of trying
  • Country Market - not interested
  • Deadwater Valley - not suitable
  • Land behind tennis centre in Kingsley - too expensive
  • Chocolate Frog - developer issues
  • Hartley Maudit - changed their mind
  • Land adjacent to the Rookery - ridiculously expensive
  • Whitehill and Bordon Development Association - lakes on map not yet in existence

We decided to take out some of the carp at Kingsley, which had a mixed reaction from our members.  However the club then restocked the water with several other species including some large tench.  The water was now a very good mixed fishery.

Mike Simpson has done an excellent job as Fishery Manager, saving the club a great deal of money and down to him we now have four good venues.

John said that finally he would like to thank all of the committee who have been brilliant.  He leaves the club financially sound and with other 400 members.  We have had to overcome some difficult times over the years and thanked the members for their patience.

Treasury Report

Marion  gave out her report:

The accounts have been audited and we are in a financially healthy position with £28,498 in the bank, which includes the bank loan of £15k for work at Mill Lane.   

Marion explained that although we did not in the end need the bank loan, the committee had decided not to repay the loan immediately as we have a good interest rate and  to keep the money for any unplanned expenditure.

Graham Potter asked how much the club would be paying in interest charges.  Marion said that over the three years it would cost the club £1,600.

Appointment of Auditor

John mentioned again that in the past the club had paid £580 to have the accounts audited and he had asked a friend to carry out the audit for a  bottles of Baileys.  Unfortunately he had contracted cancer as did another friend who audited the accounts for the club.

Fortunately he had now found another qualified person to audit our accounts and he is here tonight, Paul Charman.  John thanked Paul for carrying out the audit and attending the AGM.

The auditor was proposed by Chris Fox and seconded by Graham Potter

Membership Report

Kevin Ironman gave his report:

We have 407paid up members. i.e.

                                Total      New     

OAP                       140         8                                             

Seniors                 173         39                                          

Juniors                  28           7                                             

Disabled               28           1                             

Joint                      18           4                                                             

Under 12              20                                          

Totals                    407         59


Kevin said that membership renewals will be held at the Kingsley Centre on the following dates:

  • Saturday 14th April 3pm to 5pm
  • Friday 20th April 5pm to 7pm
  • Thursday 17th May 5pm to 7pm
  • Saturday 2nd June 3pm to 5pm


It had been agreed to keep the fees the same as last year.


Fishery Management

Mike Simpson thanked John for his kind words and said that John had always supported his requests for money to carryout work on our waters for which he was grateful.  Mike then gave his report:


Mike said that last year, when the season opened, members had been seen wading into the water pulling out weeds, which was not allowed.  Our four year lease would be soon up for renewal and this sort of unauthorised behaviour could jeopardise the renewal.


The MOD had been cutting down trees and branches around the water and during the cold spell some of the wood had been thrown in the pond and would need removing.

Some of the swims would need maintenance during the year.


A contractor had been brought in to cut back the foliage around the water and allow the 8 large bags of rubbish left by our members to be removed.  He asked members to keep an eye out for anyone found leaving litter behind.

He mentioned that, in conjunction with Stephanie, he would be looking to carryout changes to allow wheel chair access.

Mill Lane

Mike said that the original access points for bringing in machinery at the water were no longer available , so when we were looking to bring in a contractor with a large machine, it would have involved using a crane, making it very expensive.  Although we were not happy with the work carried out by the Cambridge contractor they had taken out the troublesome Phragmites, which was very useful.

Mike mentioned that the club had dug two trenches, four feet deep to try and stop the leaks, which now appear to have settled down.   Siltex was put in to help clear the water of silt and another lot will need to be put in again.  Blue dye has been put in to stop the weeds growing and will need to be put in at regular intervals.

Mike said along with Richard they will be taking scale samples from the skimmer bream at both Kingsley and Mill Lane to see if they have become stunted.  If they have, they will be removed and the waters restocked.

Mike was asked by a new member why the decision had been taken to take out some of the carp at Kingsley.  He said that there had been too many carp in the water, which was meant to be a mixed fishery and members fishing with light tackle were getting smashed up by the carp.  Selling the excess carp had enabled the club to restock with tench, bream and roach

Mike thanked everyone who had helped him maintain the waters.

Bailiffs Report

Micky mentioned the problems with litter at the Rookery and also members not leaving the water before dusk, which was an important safety rule.

He said that there had been poachers at Shortheath which he had dealt with.

Mickey thanked all of the bailiffs for their time over the last year.

Any Other Business

  • John said that he had failed to mentioned the Charity Match held at Kingsley on behalf of the Kingsley Centre.  He thanked Keith for organising and running the match and said that the club had raised £500 for the Centre.
  • Mick Heaver asked if in future members could be emailed in plenty of time when a work party was taking place. Mike said he would do this.
  • Graham Potter asked if the members could have more regular updates on anything happening in the club to keep everybody more informed.  Phil Bone said that in the past there had been quarterly news letters.   This would all be considered by the committee.
  • Dennis Smale said that the fish at the Rookery had parasites and because there were so many fish the water quality was poor.  Therefore why don't the club use the pump that is installed to pump in fresh water from the adjacent stream.  Mike said we would be restricted on the amount of water we can take and he would not be happy about pumping in water that may not be of a very good quality.  He said other clubs don't do this, Dennis mentioned that they use aerators.
  • Graham Potter asked why they had not been allowed to have matches at the Rookery when it had been agreed at the AGM.  Also with the issues of low water, renting other waters had been mentioned, this would have been a waste of the clubs money and they should have been allowed to have matches at the Rookery.  John said it had been decided by the committee not to pay for other venues.  Mike asked Graham Potter why hadn't he organised matches at the Rookey.  It was mentioned by several people that this was all in the past and all of the issues around having matches at the Rookery should not be raised yet again.
  • Tony Mott asked what the criteria was for having a bench installed in memory of a departed member, as the club would not have one for Shaun Darby, yet put one up for Bill Sharpington.  John said that Bill passed away at a match and this was the main difference.  Tony then asked why hadn't the plaque been put up for Shaun yet.  John said this would be actioned by the new Chairman.  Tony mentioned that they had raised enough money now for the bench for Shaun and it had been agreed  by Natural England and the Council
  • David Martin said that the club only had one ratified Trustee and should have two.  John was willing to be a Trustee, providing the club took out Trustee Insurance.  John asked the meeting if they were happy with this and all agreed.
  • Andy Muchmore suggested that all the swims on the clubs waters should have a peg number, this would make it easier to identify the pegs more prone to litter issues.  Marion said that she had already anticipated this and would prepare a Bailiffs Journal with all pegs numbered. 
  • John mentioned that some dog walkers had contacted the MOD about the state of the car park at Kingsley.  The MOD had delivered a large pile of material to fill in the holes and John had exchanged emails with Clare Dalton, the Senior Estate Surveyor for the MOD. She said   she had checked with Landmarc and understood that they are due to fill/ level the pot holes, but at the time it was too wet to do anything without making it worse.  They are waiting for a settled spell of dry weather to allow it to better dry out – although they advise that even then they will probably have to drain off the very large puddle manually to give evaporation/percolation a helping hand.


Consideration of Proposals

John said that we have changed the system this year to make it more democratic and ensure that members who cannot attend the AGM still have a vote.  We have had 25 reply's by email or post to the following proposals:


Chairman -One proposal for chairman -  Marion Ironman, proposed by David Martin and seconded by John Gamble.

Marion has done an excellent job as Treasurer and the Committee believe she would make a good Chairperson.

Postal Vote: Yes = 24      No= 1    Meeting Vote: Unanimously  agreed  Total Vote: Agreed


Committee - To elect the remaining Committee as a group, proposed by Peter Manley and seconded by Maurice Gibson.

Postal Vote: Yes = 24      No= 1     Meeting Vote: Unanimously  agreed  Total Vote: Agreed


Rules - The following rule changes are proposed by Dennis Smale and seconded by Graham Potter. i.e.

  1. 1.       The problem of litter at both Shortheath and the Rookery, proposed amendment to General Byelaw 1.7, i.e. Members are responsible for keeping their swim free of litter at all times (to a radius of at least 2m). they should have an empty plastic bag in their possession for litter removal.

        Change to a radius of 10m (33').  The Committee do not believe this would in any way    improve our litter issue and do not support this proposal.

                Postal Vote: Yes = 8         No = 16    Meeting Vote: Rejected  Total Vote: Rejected


2.    Perceived problem with members having more than two Brolly's or Bivvi's and toilet.       Proposed amendment to General Byelaw 1.29 i.e. The use of fishing shelters, i.e. Bivvy’s, are                             permitted on all waters, (apart from Kingsley, where only umbrellas are allowed), providing they fit into a swim and do not obstruct paths or cause a nuisance to the public or other anglers.

Change to only one Brolly, Bivvy or structure per person. The Committee do not believe this is an issue and feel that the current wording covers any potential problems.

Dennis said he had proposed this change as he was concerned that Natural England may be annoyed about the number of structures and object to a renewal of our lease.

        Postal Vote: Yes = 8            No = 15   Meeting Vote: Passed  Total Vote: Passed


3.     General Byelaw 1.30 remove as totally irrelevant in 2018.

The Beachcaster Rig is not allowed on any club water.

The Committee agree it is not necessary and can be removed when the rule book is reissued.

Postal Vote: Yes = 20          No = 3   Meeting Vote: Rejected  Total Vote: Rejected


4.     Perceived problem with members at the Rookery walking around the whole pond or to visit their mates on the other side.

Proposed rule: Any angler walking further than one swim whilst cast out will be liable to be reported to the Committee , to advise and penalise.

The Committee believe that General Bylaw 1.34, i.e. No angler’s rod may be left unattended at any time, already covers this issue and a new rule is not necessary.


Postal Vote: Yes = 8            No = 16  Meeting Vote: Rejected  Total Vote: Rejected



5.     Perceived problem with members fishing at Shortheath for several days.


Addition to Shortheath -  new rule 4.4 to read : No angler is permitted to stay for more than two consecutive days (48hrs) in any seven,  in any swim or swims.


The Committee fully support this proposal.


Postal Vote: Yes = 22  No = 2   Meeting Vote: Passed  Total Vote: Passed


Dennis Smale pointed out that one of his propositions had been missed. i.e.

Amendment to General Bylaw 1.33 change to -  Braid and lead core is banned.

There then followed a discussion about the use of braid, until Dennis said that he would withdraw this proposal until the next AGM, which would allow some more research to be carried out in this area.


There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9:10pm.

Date of Next AGM

Wednesday 20th  March 2019